Unpublished Admin | July 21, 2021 | in Announcement
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The Green Party of Canada issued a statement today regarding the filing of an application in Ontario Superior Court. The statement reads, “...the Green Party of Canada and the Green Party of Canada Fund have filed an application in the Superior Court of Justice for Ontario. The application relates to certain internal proceedings of the Federal... More
James O'Grady | July 18, 2021 | in Op-Ed
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In an ever deteriorating saga within the Green Party, there are indications that there is a coordinated attack taking place against the Green Party by its leader and her team, many of whom are former campaign hands. Repeated news stories naming “unnamed sources” leaking 1-sided information, sometimes false, sprung up across the internet last week... More
James O'Grady | July 13, 2021 | in Op-Ed
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For all the crazy political things that have happened since the last federal election in 2019, new Green Party leader Annamie Paul lying to the Globe and Mail editorial board is among the weirdest. Amid hollow accusations of racism inside a party that fights for equity rights on a daily basis, and the loss of 1/3 of the Green caucus over the... More
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  On July 5, 2018, I Chief Jason (Rotisken:rakehte) Arbour requested ground penetrating radar from AANDC to locate our missing community members from Kana:tso. Your departments response to my request was:  "The latter investigation is beyond the scope of our present research, which is primarily focused on establishing dates for the presence of an... More

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On 26 July 2021 Ottawa Centre MP Catherine McKenna, Chief Whiteduck from Kitigan Zibi, the mayors of Ottawa and Gatineau, NCC’s Chief Executive Officer, and... more
City of Ottawa
Foreign Embassies
green space
Scott Moffat
Tobi Nussbaum
Glen Gower
Jim Watson
Catherine McKenna
What happened to the party of the hippies? It is with some irony that the Canadian political party thought to be most representative of the tree-huggers and... more
Green Party of Canada
With the support of the New Democratic Party, the Bloc Quebecois, and the Green Party, the House of Commons passed the Trudeau Liberal government's Bill C-10,... more
Bill C-10
net neutrality
free online expression
What a shame that you refuse to understand this. You continue to think that you are more orthodox than others. You shout in all directions that you possess the... more
Greek Orthodox Church
Christian churches
religious orders
In a very undemocratic and truly un-Green way, Annamie Paul, the new leader of the Green Party of Canada, has apparently threatened legal action against ... more
Green Party of Canada
Annamie Paul
Law Suit
Introduction:  This is an overview of New York’s Campaign Finance System. Its purpose is to provide an understanding of how donations transparency and dollar... more
city governance
Canadian democracy
Municipal Elections Finance
In 1804, when Napoleon started to dust up Europe, the world population first stretched to 1 billion people. After that it took a mere 123 years before global... more
World population
When a most excellently well-qualified & exemplary Black woman like Annamie Paul is being targeted, we must call it out. Difficult situations arise in all... more
Annamie Paul
Green Party
Black Canadians
Federal politics
gender politics
Women in politics
    After already engaging in a disruptive expansion in recent years to expand their service department and showroom, Otto's BMW has now gone beyond improving... more
Hunt Club
Save Hunt Club Forest
climate emergency
Dear Mr McGuinty and staff CBC Ottawa is reporting that the BMW car dealership wants to pave over forest on Ottawa International Airport. I am looking for your... more
Hunt Club Forest
Ottawa South
Otto BMW dealership
climate emergency
If you are an Ontario Markham-Thornhill residents, kindly fill this out and help us build the community. Please share among your friends and family!! 
HOW BIG ARE THE PARTY VOTER POOLS? If there is a national election in Canada this year, it may have a different flavour than recent elections. The “accessible... more
Public Opinion Poll
Abacus Data
Liberal Party of Canada
With captain Shea Webber in the penalty box and the Canadiens season on the line, the Habs penalty-killers stepped up to shut down the vaulted Lightning... more
2021 NHL Playoffs
Montreal Canadiens
Tampa Bay Lightning
Carey Price
The Senate Bill C-10 debate wrapped up yesterday with several speeches and a vote to send the bill to committee for further study. Given that the Senate... more
Bill C-10
Social Media
free speech
Michael Geist
David Adams Richards
  "Executive Summary:   What is Campaign Fairness?  Campaign Fairness Ontario is a not-for-profit organization that traces its beginnings to 2009 and was... more
city governance
Canadian democracy
Municipal Elections Finance