Elizabeth May | October 4, 2021 | in Personal
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Green leader Annamie Paul resigned.  She did so amidst a torrent of accusations that she never had a chance due to the dreadful treatment she received from the Greens.  Her charges call for a serious, independent investigation. The strange news is that she says she did not actually resign. Despite the resignation statement, under her contract, Ms... More
Diane Saxe | December 18, 2020 | in Published
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Despite province-wide opposition, the Ford government has again defied your Environmental Bill of Rights, and used a Budget Bill to gut crucial environmental protections. Sneaking an attack on conservation authorities into a Budget Bill is undemocratic. It cuts another hole through your Environmental Bill of Rights, short circuits public... More
Alex Cullen | August 20, 2021 | in Published
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Dear Editor (Ottawa Citizen), Jon Willing's article on the City's recent mapping of neighbourhoods as part of its Official Plan review (Maps illustrate challenge with creating '15-minute neighbourhoods' in built-up areas) indicates some of the challenges the City faces as it tries to accommodate most future growth through intensification. These... More
Unpublished Admin | July 21, 2021 | in Announcement
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The Green Party of Canada issued a statement today regarding the filing of an application in Ontario Superior Court. The statement reads, “...the Green Party of Canada and the Green Party of Canada Fund have filed an application in the Superior Court of Justice for Ontario. The application relates to certain internal proceedings of the Federal... More

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The pandemic was deeply disruptive for small and medium-sized businesses across Canada. More than half had to shut down their workplace and many had to adapt... more
small business
Public Opinion Poll
Abacus Data
With a new leader in 2020, there was great promise for the Green Party of Canada. The Toronto Centre by-election result was exciting and I posted in a GPC chat... more
Green Party of Canada
Annamie Paul
Canadian politics
Across the world, huge financial institutions like RBC are pouring money into expanding tar sands, oil & gas, and coal production with no attention to the... more
October 12, 2021
fossil fuels
climate crisis
The Green Party of Canada is certainly capable of betraying its loyal supporters.  I would know because Elizabeth May spitefully had me expelled from the party... more
Green Party
Annamie Paul
Canada’s Election 44 is now history. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals did not get what they wanted but instead got what they deserved, another minority. Seeking... more
climate emergency
global heating
climate politics
climate impact
Clean Environment
This Hour Has 22 Minutes highlights Canada's broken voting system, explaining how it failed to once again produce a representative parliament. This piece was... more
electoral reform
proportional representation
Eighty ACORN members from across Ottawa met on March 4th to launch their campaign for an Anti-Displacement Policy in the city. A virtual forum was co-hosted by... more
Dear Editor (Ottawa Citizen): With the resignation of Kanata North Councillor Jenna Sudds upon her election to Parliament, City Council must fill her seat and... more
City Council
Kanata North
Meet Stacy Kennedy. Stacy is an Ontario mother with a son who has complex medical needs and is autistic. Her son's name is Sam and right now Sam needs... more
Bonnie Lysyk
Doug Ford
Human Rights
Merrilee Fullerton
Ontario Autism Program
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a September 20th election despite the prior parliament not being due to expire until 2023 and despite the imminent fourth... more
44th Canadian election
Election 2021
Renfrew County
On the night of Thursday, September 9th, thousands of Canadians tuned in to watch the English election debate between the leaders of the Liberals,... more
Canadian politics
election leadership debate
Canada is imminently facing the fourth wave of COVID-19 and its associated Delta variant, threatening to overwhelm Canadian hospitals' Intensive Care Units (... more
Renfrew County
Many Canadians and residents of Renfrew County have been dismayed by the victory of the terrorist-designated Taliban over the Afghan government whom Canadian... more
war on drugs
Further comments related to the City of Ottawa's proposed new Official Plan.  See PDF below to read or download the text. 
Ottawa official plan
On July 7th of this year, the world was shocked to learn of the assassination of the President of Haiti Jovenel Moïse by unknown assailants.  At the time of... more
assassination of Jovenel Moïse
Canadian Foreign Policy