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There have been several misinformation campaigns about the coronavirus that based on conspiracy theories. Nowadays, one needs not only to listen to intelligent... more
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fiat currency
climate change
The February 25 by-election in Outremont is an opportunity to elect someone who will finally address the issues that matter.  The riding needs a politician who... more
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Rachel Bendayan
Thomas Muclair
Justin Trudeau
A brief introduction In the history of the Arab Israeli conflict, there are many important events. Some of these events constitute a time at which a decisive... more
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Ian Bickerton
Carla Klausner
Charles Freilich
Democracy, originally referred to in Greek as Demos Kratos or the power of people, can be questionable in Western and Eastern democracies from the angles of... more
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Robert Rohshneider
Alan S Gerber
Thomas A Baylis
Researching the political influence of culture presents several challenges to scientists especially in the field of comparative politics. Some of the questions... more
Sheri Berman
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Daniel Posner
          In his study of the development of modern Palestinian identity and national consciousness, Khalidi structurally supported his book Palestinian... more
Rashid Khalidi
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Economic development and its impact on the status of democracy is a fascinating discussion. Western democracies have long established a perfect correlation... more
Barbara Geddes
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Samuel Huntington
Leonardo Villaton
Matthew Loveless
Arend Lijphart
Ross Bukhart
Comparative politics underwent periods of reconstruction starting from the civil liberties period to the apogee of the cold war and its ramifications, to the... more
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Mark Blyth
Jean Blondel
Gabriel Almond
Karen Armstrong's approach in "the Holiness of Jerusalem: Asset or Burden" treating the Jerusalem question is sound and unique. Unbound by the chronology of... more
Karen Armstrong
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Middle East Politics
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Arab League
The unprecedented access to information in the Middle East and North Africa have had a great impact on the population and regimes. The population, largely... more
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Middle East
North Africa
Arab Spring
Targuist Sniper
Saudi Arabia
Social Media
protest movement
It is wrong to assume that Islam is the only determining force behind family structures, gender relations and patriarchal organizations in Middle Eastern and... more
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Arzu Merali
Orientalists, as far as many scholars are concerned, tend to have a reductionist perspective about the non-Western other often portrayed as homogeneous,... more
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Gholam Khiabany
The hyperbole of accusing Trudeau of supporting dictatorships made big news. Things making big news are not necessarily big. Trudeau's statement about the... more
Leslie Roberts
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Fidel Castro
Justin Trudeau
The study of Orientalism helps understanding how Westerners perceive the Middle East. In this introductory synopsis, I will answer the following questions:... more
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Edward Said
Dona Stewart
Amardeep Singh
Fox News
Press TV
To explain the relationship between radicalization and exclusion, the case of Muslims in post-independence India serves as a good example. The book Asian Islam... more
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John Esposito
Osman Bakar
Rajiv Gandhi