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This is the third article I’ve posted relating to the Ottawa Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee.   The first one detailed concerns with the veracity... more
City of Ottawa
Election Compliance Audit Committee
Mark Taylor
Eli El-Chantiry
Riley Brockington
Ted McMeekin
Municipal Elections Act
This is an open letter to River Ward voters and to any other voters in Ottawa who care about councillors who are upfront with their constituents. There are... more
October 24, 2014
2014 Ottawa Municipal Election
Riley Brockington
Maria McRae
River Ward
Ward 16
At 2:00pm last Friday, nominations for the 2014 municipal elections closed and like a casting call for a blockbuster movie, a ton of Ottawa residents are vying... more
2014 Municipal election
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Martin Canning
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Jeff Morrison
Thomas (Thom) McVeigh
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Riley Brockington
2014 Ottawa Municipal Election