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It's time for Ontario to liberate local beer. It makes no sense to persist in enabling big beer to have an unfair advantage over our homegrown craft breweries... more
craft beer
local beer
The Beer Store
Ontario beer regulations
Ontario Government
small business
2014 Ontario Budget Moves Forward With Plan to Create Jobs and Grow the Economy, Build Modern Transit and Infrastructure, and Help Ontarians with Their... more
Ontario Budget
Ontario Government
Charles Sousa
Full-Day Kindergarten
Ontario Tuition grant
Ontario Youth Jobs Strategy
Youth Employment Fund
Ring of Fire
Jobs and Prosperity Fund
Ontario Retirement Pension Plan
Michael Nobrega
minimum wage
Debt Retirement Charge
Ontario Child Benefit
Ed Clark
Parliamentary Budget Officer
job creation
federal transfers
Mowat Centre
Drummond Report
Commission on the Reform of Ontario's Public Services
Advisory Council on Government Assets
General Motors
I thought people might appreciate finding out what is happening at Queen's Park, and what I am up to in the riding. So, I present to you my first audio blog... more
Select Committee on Developmental Services
Now You Know Jack podcast
Jack MacLaren
Ontario Government
Carleton Mississippi Mills
PC Party of Ontario
Dear Ottawa residents, With today's announcement, Ontario is helping Solantro Semiconductor Corporation bring to market made-in-Ontario technology that will... more
Solar Power
Solantro Semiconductor Corp
Ontario Government
Green energy
Bob Chiarelli
The Liberal government has made it a lot easier to destroy priceless habitats, and to kill, harm and harass endangered species. Behind closed doors, Kathleen... more
Endangered Species Act
endangered species
Woodland Caribou
Green Party of Ontario
Mike Schreiner
Kathleen Wynne
Ontario Government
Ministry of the Environment
Dear Ottawans, This spring, Toronto City Council voted to request permission from the province to introduce a ranked ballot voting system. This vote represents... more
Ranked Ballot Ottawa
City of Ottawa
Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto
Toronto City Council
Ontario Government
Ontario Liberals
Kathleen Wynne
democratic elections
democratic representation