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Chelsea, December 11, 2019—The Gatineau Park Protection Committee (GPPC) is urging the minister responsible for the National Capital Commission (NCC) to... more
On February 6, 2019 in the House of Commons former President of the Treasury Scott Brison said “thank you and miss me, but don’t forget me”.  A few days later... more
As Chelsea’s municipal council weighs whether to allow construction of a two-story building only a few metres from the water at 774 Meech Lake Road, I thought... more
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Greg Fergus
Katharine Fletcher
774 Meech Lake Road
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Pablo Rodriguez
Rupert, Quebec, June 22, 2018 – The national capital’s “conservation” park is celebrating its 80th birthday on July 1, 2018, and artist John F. Marok is... more
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l'Orée du Bois
July 1
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  Liberals in Red Trudeau and Wynne are fading away, on Election Day 81% here, want Wynne to go away Don’t touch the hard drives Everyone knows Hydro rates are... more
Ontario PC Party
Kathleen Wynne
Justin Trudeau
Quote:  "Truth is, we human beings don't treat each other very nicely. We're brutal with each other. In our own homes and communities where disputes tear... more
From the Paris attacks to last week’s mass shootings in California, like many in the civilized world over the past month I’ve been trying to wrap my head... more
Bill C51
Justin Trudeau
Liberal Party of Canada
One of my struggles has always been with movements, movements that struggle to catch the attention of the mainstream to be recognized and accepted.   I have... more