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Prince Edward Island is not an island. By geographic accident, it does find itself surrounded by water. But in a broader sense, PEI’s maritime isolation is... more
SNC-Lavalin scandal
carbon emissions
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National Unity
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Change is sometimes painful, sometimes expensive and often unavoidable. These three characteristics apply to climate change, which is forcing us to rethink our... more
climate change
carbon emissions
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Senator Richard Neufeld
Senator Paul J. Massicotte
Standing Senate Committee on Energy
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This article by Member of Parliament Charlie Angus was featured in Below2C. (Rolly Montpellier~Editor) Canadians want action on climate change. They are... more
carbon emissions
climate change
Writing in the journal Science, an international team of researchers led by Johan Rockstrom (Stockholm Resilience Centre director), proposes a solution to ... more
carbon emissions
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climate change