Is Yasir Naqvi really a "good MPP"

Is Yasir Naqvi really a "good MPP"
Posted on June 9, 2014 | Scott Gorry | Written on June 9, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

The state of decline our province is in has inspired me to write this letter.

Recently Yasir Naqvi, current MPP for Ottawa Centre and Cabinet Minister printed these rather large elections signs with the tag line “re-elect a good MPP”. Well let’s examine that for a minute.

As Ontario Liberal Party President he was responsible for ensuring the party was ready for an election, he was fundraising money and getting policy in place to make sure that in 2011 Dalton McGuinty won another election and with the Liberals behind in the polls they made a decision to cancel two gas plants in ridings that they might have lost otherwise.

The details of who was involved, what they knew and what happened after the fact are coming to light through a police investigation by the Anti-Racket division of the OPP. Exactly what Yasir Naqvi knew and when he knew it is a mystery to all of us, as Ontario Liberal Party President you would think he was aware of the decision before it was made public – for this reason he deserves to testify at a judicial inquiry.

But it doesn’t end there, as a Cabinet Minister he was at the table when the secret backroom deal was stuck to bail out MaRS, the cost of this deal has been pegged by the Toronto Star in the neighbourhood of half a billion dollars. Between these two gaffes think of the number of nurses we could’ve hired and the money we could’ve invested in our healthcare system.

Now I ask, would a good MPP stand idle and allow these secret shady deals to transpire? I don’t think so. On June 12th, vote Rob Dekker, PC Party Candidate Ottawa Centre.

Scott Gorry is the Campaign Manager for Rob Dekker, Ottawa Centre PC Party Candidate

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