Ontario Liberals get behind Phase 2 of Ottawa's LRT plan

Ontario Liberals get behind Phase 2 of Ottawa's LRT plan
Posted on June 4, 2014 | Ontario Liberal Party | Written on June 4, 2014
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Premier Kathleen Wynne was in Ottawa today to announce that a re-elected Liberal government will make the next phase of Ottawa’s light rail transit (LRT) project a provincial priority.

Phase 2 of the Ottawa LRT project will include a southbound extension of the O-Train as well as both east and westbound extensions of the Confederation Line LRT. The City of Ottawa estimates that by 2023, close to 700,000, or 67 per cent, of the total city population will live within five kilometres of LRT as a result of the implementation of Phase 2.


If re-elected, a Liberal government will immediately re-introduce the 2014 Budget, which commits $29 billion over the next ten years in transportation infrastructure across the province. As part of this commitment, $14 billion will be invested in transportation in communities outside of the GTHA, including projects like Phase 2 of the Ottawa LRT.

Unlike Tim Hudak and the PCs, who vow to cancel transit projects across Ontario to fund a downtown Toronto subway, a Liberal government will invest in transit projects across the province. Neither Tim Hudak nor Andrea Horwath have made Phase 2 of the Ottawa LRT project a priority in their platforms.

By choosing politics over people and rejecting the 2014 Budget, Andrea Horwath and the NDP put critical transit projects like Phase 2 of the Ottawa LRT at risk.

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Ottawa needs its full LRT plan implemented yesterday. Ottawa didn't finish third worst in the country for traffic for nothing. Our roads are mess. Even Jim Watson had to change his position on LRT from anti- to pro- in the 2010 municipal election in order to win because Ottawa residents want real mass transit now. Hudak's refusal to get behind Phase 2 of Ottawa's LRT plan just undercut every PC candidate in the city, especially Randall Denley in Ottawa West-Nepean since its Ottawa West and Nepean that will benefit the most from the implementation of Phase 2.