Kathleen Wynne's open letter to Tim Hudak re: Arithmetic error in 1 Million Jobs plan

Kathleen Wynne's open letter to Tim Hudak re: Arithmetic error in 1 Million Jobs plan
Posted on May 30, 2014 | Ontario Liberal Party | Written on May 29, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

I am writing you regarding the serious methodology flaws in your so-called “Million Jobs” platform that have been exposed in recent days by some of Canada’s leading economists.

Dear Mr Hudak:

I am writing you regarding the serious methodology flaws in your so-called "Million Jobs" platform that have been exposed in recent days by some of Canada's leading economists.

As you are aware, a number of the most respected economists in the country, including Paul Boothe, Jim Stanford, Mike Moffatt, Scott Clark and Peter DeVries, upon close analysis of your platform, have noted that your calculations for job creation are grossly inflated by a basic arithmetic error.

These economists all note that by mistakenly counting person-years of employment as permanent jobs, your platform claims to create eight-times the number of jobs than is mathematically possible – even accepting some or all of your basic economic assumptions. Indeed, the Conference Board of Canada, an organization your party consulted in drafting your platform, confirmed your miscalculation yesterday with The Globe and Mail.

It is troubling that, when confronted with these facts, rather than acknowledge the mistake, and take measures to correct it, you have denied that there is even a problem.

Mr. Hudak, this is a serious matter. An honest mistake - even one as fundamental as this one - is one thing. But the refusal to correct that mistake, even when confronted with overwhelming and, frankly, irrefutable evidence is more deeply troubling.

For that reason, I am calling on you today to do one of two things:

  • Produce one qualified, independent economist who agrees with your position that person-years of employment are the same as permanent jobs. This basic error in your platform, exposed by the economists cited above, has grossly inflated your job creation claims.
  • Or, failing that, either substantially amend or withdraw what is clearly a fatally flawed and wholly misleading platform.

As politicians, none of us are perfect. Voters are certainly keenly aware of this. But we do owe voters the honesty and decency of admitting when we make mistakes and correcting those mistakes.

I hope you will take the appropriate course of action.


Kathleen Wynne,
Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party
Premier of Ontario

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OPEN LETTER TO Premier Wynne.

Dear Ms Wynne,

Thank you for taking the time to point out what you claim to be flaws in another person's campaign. Thank you so much for asking that answers be forthcoming. I would respectfully like to ask the same of you, in fact, it would only be fair would you not think??? If you want to have clarification on something you find confusing, perhaps you would show the same consideration to the rest of us Ontario taxpayers. I mean if it is ok for you to ask, is it not ok for us to ask the same of you? Please explain the billion dollar gas plant, please explain the billion dollar ehealth, please explain the recent 300 plus million dollar payoff oops payout you approved, in fact I dare you to please explain if you did, or did not received advice that benefits other players new to the game as opposed to the existing towns and areas with charity casinos. Were you trying to bring in a Toronto casino in place of others?? I understand that you may not want to respond to this open letter as you have no answers or found yourself to be caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Hey, how about the killing of innocent people by your allowing hospitals that were profitable and stripped of resources and abilities to save lives? Is this not criminal negligence? Why nI do not expect a reply, one that I would love to debate you further and more so, publicly, I can understand your fear and refusal to be called out when we both know you are wrong. Go ahead, I welcome the chance to confront you. I know it will never happen because if you did, you know deep within yourself, you are wrong and will be made to show yourself for all the grief you caused. Go ahead Ms Wynne, ignore this open letter, but should you expect a response from Mr Hudak, why should I expect anything less????


Excellent letter! Wynne will never reply, but it is good that you posted this.



Dear Ms. Wynne:

I am writing you regarding the serious flaws in your government, that have been exposed for the last 5 years, but especially the last 6 months - here are a few memory joggers: ORNGE, criminal investigations, deleted e-mails, mismanaged and inflated hydro bills, etc.

As you are aware, this is OUR MONEY you are throwing around and wasting.

It is troubling that, when confronted with these facts, rather than acknowledge the mistake or outright corruption, and take measures to correct it, you have denied that there is even a problem.

Ms Wynne, this is a serious matter and for that reason, I am calling on you today to cease and desist from your policies which are decimating Ontario and its economy.

None of us are perfect, especially someone who doesn't say correctly "None of us is perfect". But you owe voters honesty and decency and I think you're incapable of either.

Don Bracken

Even if Tim doesn't create a million jobs in the next couple of it won't hold a candle to what the Liberal Gov. has screwed up in the last 10 years. Close to 2 BILLION DOLLARS are gone with nothing for the province to show for it.

Steve Cole

Dear Ms Wynne,

I was skeptical at first when Mr Hudak talked about creating 1 million jobs. I thought, This is not realistic. I then started to think about it and soon realized that Mr Hudak has the right idea and has a plan. The 1st thing he needs to do is clip the wings of the unions. It is a shame when unions control the government. The cuts in jobs he is talking about are in the education field and the medical field. We have a great medical system here in Ontario, can't say the same about the school system. By cutting 100,000 jobs in these fields, most of them through retirements and attrition he will create more positions. By cutting 100,000 jobs at $ 70,000 - $80,000 / per year he can hire twice as many people, if not 3 times as many people and pay them a regular wage as opposed to the very much inflated wage they are making now. Oh ya, that equates to 300,000 jobs. More teachers and more nurses and smaller class sizes and even better health care. That is just a start. Many more sectors of public sector workers should be looked at carefully and many cuts can be made there also. There is no doubt that within the next 4 years 500,000 jobs will be created in ON. The Unions need to wake up and stop ruining the Ontario economy and forcing jobs out of the province and the country. Back to the creation of 1000,000 jobs, I have just suggested that 800,000 jobs can be created with very little effort at all. The economy in ON is in the gutter now and headed for bankruptcy without some major changes. There is no middle class anymore in ON. Just a bunch a bunch of greedy overpaid upper class but the majority of workers are working for 30,000 / 20,000 and some even less. The Unions talk about employees making a fair, decent wage. I agree but wages are out of control in ON and Canada. The Unions have made Ontario and Canada uncompetitive on the global market and are forcing major employers out of the country. To get the province of Ontario back on track we NEED Tim Hudak and the PC party to win the next election, hopefully with a majority, although I don't think that will happen. Getting government spending under control, especially regarding the high wages the government pays its employees, across the board, will create many more jobs and improve the economy and bring jobs back to Ontario. The tax payers and the tax base in Ontario cannot continue to support these high wages and government waste, most of which has been allowed and created by the Liberal party over the years. Tim Hudak is a strong leader and will step on everyone's toes and that is exactly what Ontario needs to move forward. No pain, No gain. If the short sighted and narrow minded voters had kept Mike Harris in power this province would have been much further ahead by now. There are many other issues with the province of ON too, but all I can say is Go Tim Hudak, Ontario needs you.


No one wants minimum wage jobs created. This is nothing but propaganda. Nothing more than Tim's whipping boy...

Dureen Coade

Dear Ms. Wynne,

After reading your above open letter, it is easy to see that you are not an entrepreneur. If you were an entrepreneur, you would not allow anyone to suggest that the goal of Tim Hudac be subverted by ongoing

I remember when Piere Trudeau was told that the couldn't do something that he replied, "Just watch me."

At least he had an entrepreneurial spirit! Just watch Tim Hudac do it!