Book Launch: Forbidden Love in the land of Sheba

Book Launch: Forbidden Love in the land of Sheba
Posted on March 27, 2014 | Qais GHANEM | Written on March 27, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

You are invited to attend the book launch of my fifth book, Forbidden Love in the Land of Sheba. See below for details...

Please join me April 3rd for the book launch of my third novel, in 3 years, and my 5th book: FORBIDDEN LOVE IN THE LAND OF SHEBA

Fifteen-year-old Hana has a crush on twenty-year-old cousin, Farook. But he leaves Yemen to study medicine in Scotland. Her parents force her to marry another cousin, twice her age, a selfish, abusive criminal involved in arms’ sales and gang rapes. Ten years later, Hana’s life changes dramatically when Farook opens a clinic next door.

Review by a Yemeni Woman:
“When you begin to read this novel, you will not stop for one moment, enticed by the versatility of the writer in crafting its plot with tact and skill. As a woman of Yemeni origin, I wish to thank Dr. Qais Ghanem for his courage in exposing the reality of Yemen in this and his two other novels: Final Flight from Sanaa and Two Boys from Aden College.”
--Tahani Shihab
Review by Canadian Author:
"Against a backdrop of things unimaginable by the Western mind, the author takes us on a journey of intrigue, passion and danger. Death lurks in every corner, in every whisper, in every kiss."
--Sherrill Wark,

WHAT:     Book launch of Forbidden Love in the Land of Sheba, by Dr. Qais Ghanem

WHEN:   Thursday April 3, 2014; 5 pm – 7 pm

WHERE: Books on Beechwood, 35 Beechwood Ave., Ottawa (New Edinburgh area)

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Dr Qais Ghanem is a retired neurologist, radio show host, poet and author. His novels are Final Flight From Sana’a and Two Boys from Aden College. His 3rd novel, "Forbidden Love in the Land of Sheba", was just... More


Just back from the book launch. The book store was full. I read a 3 minute passage and Sherrill Wark reviewed the book very nicely. It is available at Books on Beechwood for $12 only - a story unlike any other you've ever read. Would make a great action packed movie.