Help prosecute Harper PMO’s bribe of Senator Duffy

Help prosecute Harper PMO’s bribe of Senator Duffy
Posted on August 20, 2015 | Democracy Watch | Written on August 20, 2015
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Prime Minister Harper’s former top aide Nigel Wright has begun testifying at the criminal trial of Conservative Senator Mike Duffy – and so far Wright’s statements have shown clearly that Wright and others in the Harper Prime Minister Office and the Conservative Party secretly negotiated a payment to Senator Duffy in return for specific actions by Duffy (including requiring Duffy to lie about the payment).

If that’s not a bribe, what is?  In fact, Senator Duffy has been charged and prosecuted for taking a $90,000 bribe from Nigel Wright.

Incredibly, RCMP and government lawyers have refused to prosecute Nigel Wright or anyone else in the Harper PMO or Conservative Party.

That’s why Democracy Watch is going to do a private prosecution of Wright and as many others as we can afford to take to court – using Wright’s own testimony and the other evidence that is coming out the Duffy trial.

You can help Democracy Watch take Prime Minister Harper’s Office to court for bribing Senator Mike Duffy by clicking here now to make your donation to the Harper PMO Prosecution Fund.

Hundreds of people have donated already – but Democracy Watch is trying to raise $55,000 to cover all the costs of prosecuting everyone in Prime Minister Harper’s Office and the Conservative Party who took part in the bribing of Senator Mike Duffy, and continuing the campaign to ensure they are all held accountable.

The Criminal Code allows anyone to launch a private prosecution for certain offences, and Democracy Watch continues to gather evidence and legal support to take those responsible in Prime Minister Harper’s Office to court.

To see more details about Democracy Watch’s PMO Prosecution campaign, click here.

You can help hold these Harper Conservatives accountable for their wrongdoing by donating now using PayPal or your credit card by clicking here.

You can also donate by cheque – please make out your cheque to “Democracy Watch” and note that it is for the “Harper PMO Prosecution Fund” and send it to:

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Thank you for your support,

Duff, Tyler, Josephine, Brad
and everyone at Democracy Watch

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