City of Ottawa 2013 Greenhouse Gas Roundtable: Next Steps

City of Ottawa 2013 Greenhouse Gas Roundtable: Next Steps
Posted on November 25, 2013 | Martin Canning | Written on November 18, 2013
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Councillor McRae:

Thank you kindly for your response and the details that you provided below.

With respect, I must say, however, that you have given very little information in the context of the questions originally submitted.

Can you please provide some level of specific feedback that addresses the topics of process/milestones and stakeholder engagement?

Can you also please confirm if:

1) The report delivered to Council in the second quarter of 2014 will include a comprehensive Air Quality & Climate Change Management Plan (AQCCMP); and

2) If it will indeed include a AQCCMP, will it be a finalized plan or a draft?

And finally, can you also please confirm that you and/or members of the Environment Committee have not conducted closed-door meetings and/or have not been lobbied regarding any aspect of the AQCCMP since the March 27, 2013, GHG Roundtable.

Thank you again Councillor McRae for your time on this matter.

Best Regards,

Martin Canning

Letter Response

Hello Mr. Canning:

Thank you for your e-mail.  I am attaching a copy of a message sent to City

Council last week regarding the City's Air Quality and Climate Change

Management Plan.  I have also asked staff to provide you with information

regarding a staff contact.  They will be in touch with you directly in that


With regards,

Maria McRae


From: McRae, Maria
Sent: September 06, 2013 5:23 PM
To: 'City Council'
Subject: Status Report on Updates to the City's Air Quality and Climate
Change Management Plan

Dear City Council Colleagues:

Following our City's successful Greenhouse Gas Roundtable on March 23, 2013,

I have worked with staff to ensure that we are fulfilling our commitment to

deliver a comprehensive Air Quality & Climate Change Management Plan

(AQCCMP) for Ottawa in the first half of 2014.

The following activities are complete or are currently underway:

  • All corporate data regarding the City's generation of greenhouse gases (GHGs) is collected.
  • A proposal was received from the Canadian Standards Association to complete the community inventory, and a contract is being executed this month.
  • Identification of opportunities for promoting energy efficiency in the community is close to completion.
  • Identification of opportunities for enhancing the City's in-house GHG emissions is on-going.
  • Discussions were initiated with potential community partners, including Hydro Ottawa.

This project is on track to deliver a report to Council in the second quarter of 2014. I will continue to work with staff to move this initiative forward and will continue to update you on our progress.

Yours sincerely,

Maria McRae

River Ward City Councillor


Kent Kirkpatrick, City Manager

Steve Kanellakos, Deputy City Manager, City Operations

Nancy Schepers, Deputy City Manager, Planning & Infrastructure

Rick O'Connor, Clerk and City Solicitor

Lisa Allaire, Chief, Corporate Communications

Dixon Weir, General Manager, Environmental Services Department

From: Martin Canning []

Sent: September 10, 2013 2:46 PM

To: McRae, Maria

Cc: Arpin, Serge; Young, George; Seguin, Caroline; Graham Saul; Trevor Haché

Subject: Greenhouse Gas Roundtable | Next Steps

Via e-mail

Dear Councillor McCrae:

Thank you for your leadership on the climate change file at the City of Ottawa.

With only ten months remaining until reaching Mayor Watson's announced

completion timeline, can you please advise:

  1. When the next step following the March 23, 2013, GHG Roundtable will begin and clarify what specifically they will be?
  2. What the milestones will be in the process leading eventually to the final output: a renewed, comprehensive City of Ottawa Air Quality and Climate Change Management Plan, and if this process includes input opportunity for stakeholders groups, or citizens in general (and what form specifically will that opportunity take, and the associated timeline)?;
  3. If there has been or will there be any internal or external outputs drafted  (ex. documents, briefings, policy reviews, etc.) that relate to climate change, air quality, greenhouse gas reduction, and the City of Ottawa, following the March 23, 2013, GHG Roundtable; and will they be  shared with stakeholders?; and,
  4. The appropriate City of Ottawa point of contact for this file.

Thank you kindly Councillor McCrae for your time on this matter.

Best regards,

Martin Canning

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