Caring for the little guy

Caring for the little guy
Posted on August 6, 2015 | Wanda White | Written on August 6, 2015
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I have written many letters to both Conservatives and Liberals on issues that affect me as a disabled person  and as a advocate for those who cannot speak for themselve for fear of retribution. I am dismayed that people have to choose between heating their homes in winter or eating in many parts of this country while others have their heat paid for by their province, at the lack of proper and timely health care,at the passing the financial responsibility of medical transportation costs on to the client himself. I am appalled that our veterans gave years of service, many wounded, but when they come home and seek a veterans well-deserved treatment or pension, many are denied. I am disheartened to hear nothing back from either party.  I do not like where others are leading my home. I feared for my disintegrating country.  I DO want  to recognize Canada but won't if others are permitted to continue..

 That is, until I wrote to the NDP, panicked at the thought of having my electricity cut off in the middle of winter, and got a response within two days.  Since then I have had my faith in the NDP soar to where today, I can with 100% confidence put my faith in the ability of the federal NDP to get Canada back on track for ALL CANADIANS.


Wanda White

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