Cowardly Act by Police

Cowardly Act by Police
Posted on September 27, 2013 | M. Gratton | Written on September 27, 2013
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Ottawa Citizen

Those who would blindly defend police actions are always quick to placate the angry citizens by wagging their fingers back and saying “let’s wait for the facts to come out”. They don’t realize that outrage and disgust are valid emotions when a young teenager’s life is taken from him for no apparent reason, especially when so many other options were available and could have saved his life.

I always find it ironic that police attend funerals of their own fallen colleagues in droves, citing bravery and ultimate sacrifice in describing their brand, much like firemen who truly are brave when they pull people from burning buildings. However this act by a policeman, which is not a one-off incident, shows that police actions are often cowardly and run counter to their duty to protect the citizenry including those who are mentally ill and pose little or no threat to those around them.

This was a selfish and cowardly act by a cop who lost control of his emotions and doesn't deserve to wear the uniform. It’s hard to believe that some people are defending his actions.

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Its disappointing to see this happen in Canada, especially when we pride ourselves on our tolerance. In this instance, Police actions were completely over the top.

Toronto police would be wise to follow the lead established by their TV counterparts on the CTV series Flashpoint ( when it comes to defusing confrontational situations like this.