Pipelines are vulnerable to attack

Pipelines are vulnerable to attack
Posted on August 31, 2013 | Maureen Korp | Written on August 31, 2013
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Ottawa Citizen

To the editor:

Good to know the Senate committee on energy and the
environment has tallied pipeline "accidents" at
an average of 9 each year 2006-10; and only 5 for 2011. What happened in 2012?

How many were there in the US in the same time period?
The pipelines are well integrated cross-border transport
systems as we know.

Just as the Canadian dollar is tracked daily against the US
dollar, I would be cheered no end were there an ongoing tally,
both US and Canada, of accidents where and when for the
current year. Surely, this could run on the business page,too?

That prompts another question: security. In other countries
in other places, pipelines are attacked, blown-up, almost weekly.
Then fixed fairly easily. Until the next week or so.

What makes North American pipelines impervious to assault??


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