Why Is Ontario Not Following Its Own Covid Rules?

Why Is Ontario Not Following Its Own Covid Rules?
Posted on February 20, 2021 | Paul Renaud | Written on February 20, 2021
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Important to hold politicians accountable for their actions/inaction.
Based on the data and criteria set by the Scientific Roundtable established by Ford, Ontario is opening up too soon. Not surprising that Toronto and Peel Regions backtracked yesterday after a storm of questions.
So much for "listening to science", this info is from the chart package the Scientific Roundtable presented to Ford last Monday. The chart below shows data thru Feb 8; the Feb 16 data is not materially different (actually slightly worse - but within variability in data collection/reporting).
The consequence according to the scientists is that we will see another major upturn starting mid-March, and likely followed by yet another lockdown. The ongoing failure to deploy rapid testing is killing the economy and endangering the mental health of thousands. Sadly lockdowns are the only tool we have - on ongong failure that Doug Ford remains accountable for.

Trend in Covid Test Results vs Provincial Criteria for Lockdowns

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