Help bring 'Its time for a reality check' tar sands tour to Ottawa

Help bring 'Its time for a reality check' tar sands tour to Ottawa
Posted on August 7, 2013 | 350 Ottawa | Written on August 7, 2013
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Dear Ottawans,

In the past year, over 300 campaigns to divest campus endowments from fossil fuels have been aunched across North America. This new wave in the climate movement – what the Nation and Rolling Stone magazines are calling the “largest student movement in decades” – has sparked a new energy in students pushing for their voices to be heard in shaping Canada and the world’s climate and energy future.

At the same time in Canada, the tar/oil sands have continued to expand in size, and in influence over politics and policies in Canada. The last two years have seen environmental policies rolled back, funding cut, and the launch of a $16 million tax-payer funded advertising campaign to sell bitumen to Canadians and the world. There has never been a more important time for a reality check on climate change, fossil fuels and Canada’s energy future.

That’s why this fall we are bringing together a group of leading academics, advocates and local community activists from the climate and energy communities to organize a Tar Sands Reality Check speaking tour on campuses across Canada.

We need your help

This movement is being led by a grassroots community and student organizers, and while we have a lot when it comes to energy, momentum and desire for change, we need your help to raise $5000 to make the tour happen. We've already raised enough to cover some of the startup and core costs, but your donation will help us cover travel and promotional costs so we can make the most of this opportunity!

Please help by donating today! >>


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