The Drive for the Ontario PC Five: An Open letter to PC supporters in 5 Ontario By-Elections

The Drive for the Ontario PC Five: An Open letter to PC supporters in 5 Ontario By-Elections
Posted on July 28, 2013 | Rob Dekker | Written on July 28, 2013
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An open riding is a gift for opposition parties. For Ontario voters, Christmas came in July when Kathleen Wynne called 5 By-Elections for Liberal held ridings to take place August 1st. We are in the last four days from today (July 28th) for all parties to canvass those undecided voters and to make sure supporters know where to vote and make sure they get out and vote.

This is the week of the Drive for the Ontario PC Five.

I won’t get into polls and the results that have been reported, they have been motivation for our PC Candidates and their teams to work harder, reach more people and prepare better for Election Day. Make no mistake though, the polls numbers will also be motivation for the other parties and candidates to prove the numbers wrong. Our candidates need you to prove the momentum to elect Ontario PC’s is on track.

Ontario PC’s have a unique chance to make a statement to Premier Wynne and Former Premier McGuinty that we have had it – and change is coming. These by-elections are only the first step!

Rather than spit out more motivational statements to get you out to canvass, volunteer and VOTE I will provide you with the information you need to help you help the Drive for the Ontario PC Five:

In Ottawa South to help Matt Young replace Dalton McGuinty as MPP:
Phone: 613-604-4564

To help Doug Holyday take Etobicoke-Lakeshore:
Phone: 416-364-2800

To elect Ali Chahbar in London West:
Phone: 519-601-3575

To have Ken Kirurpa elected in Scarborough Guildwood:
Phone: 416-294-9322

In Windsor Tecumseh to have Robert de Verteuil elected:
Phone: 519-962-9098

Use the information provided above to send a message to the Liberal Government that as Ontarians, we have had enough of Liberal mismanagement of our government and finances.

Thursday I will be out working for Matt in Ottawa South and then I’ll be attending to an Election Night event looking for good results and five new Ontario PC MPPs.

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Rob, I was quite surprised to see that Matt actually lost the race in Ottawa South despite leading by 14 points going into the weekend. Or at least that's what the polling was indicating.

The Liberal Party has never been weaker. If the Tory's can only win 1/5 by-elections when they are so vulnerable, its hard to see how the PC Party is going to win the next provincial election.

As a political communications expert, I know what the problem is that's keeping the PC's from getting over the hump. The answer to winning lies in the Party's platform and the extreme positions it has taken, especially when it comes to green energy solutions.

For example, I learned this week at the Climate Reality Project training with Al Gore in Chicago (which I attended), that one in seven Ontario farmers has invested in solar or wind installations. I also know PC-lifers who, as smart businessmen and innovators, have embraced the new business opportunities the Feed-in-Tariff is creating. So, trashing the industry and threatening to shut it down is not going to resonate with many within the PC's prime constituency, let alone urban voters.

If the PC's want to win the next election, they need to tone down the rhetoric, focus on facts not propaganda, and appeal to the majority rather than pandering to their base. Navel gazing never works. I've told the Greens this many times in the past, yet they also fail to fully grasp its implications.

Simply put, to gain new votes in an election you need to appeal to people who are not members or supporters of your party. This means coming up with a message that, while still allowing the Party to remain true to itself, is also welcoming and empowering to voters who do not normally vote Conservative.

It should be clear now, after the results of the August 1st by-elections, that the PC Party base, and the views expressed by its members, do not represent the majority in Ontario. If you want to win the next election, the PC leadership needs to come to terms with this reality and devise a strategy that can overcome it.