Don't let it happen here

Don't let it happen here
Posted on July 20, 2013 | Ecology Ottawa | Written on July 18, 2013
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Mayflower, Arkansas? Not in our neighbourhood.

Kalamazoo River, Michigan? Not near our rivers and lakes.

Peace River, Alberta? No way - not here in Ottawa.

These are the kinds of messages Ecology Ottawa has been hearing since it became apparent that there are now very serious plans to run dirty oil through Ottawa. We are writing to thank you for taking action and to ask you for your help. If the oil companies and their cohorts in government get their way, these kinds of spills could happen here.

That's why we have to stop it now.

As of today, you and over 1,800 other concerned Ottawa residents have signed our petition to stop the pipeline. In the past three days, our outreach teams have also visited nearly 3,000 people's doors.

Ecology Ottawa is launching a large-scale urgent campaign to halt this horrific proposal for an oil pipeline running through our beautiful city, carrying 850,000 barrels of volatile oil per day through the Ottawa region, and crossing the Rideau River.

This disaster-in-waiting can be prevented if we come together now, before it’s too late

But it is only with your support that we can do this.

We will be launching a highly effective outreach campaign and I am asking you to stand with us and pledge some financial support.  We will be organizing town hall meetings, getting out into the community to collect petition signatures, and hanging door-knockers alerting people to the problem on doors across the City of Ottawa, and we look forward to working with you in the coming months. Today, we need your help to produce and distribute tens of thousands of these campaign tools, galvanize the support from Ottawa neighbourhoods, and stop this dreaded pipeline.

Ecology Ottawa is a non-profit organization with a small, skilled staff and an army of committed community volunteers. We are going toe-to-toe with the marketing might of a multi-billion dollar pipeline company.  We are working to change the vote of every city, provincial and federal decision-maker who may choose to do business with big oil, rather than protect our city from potential oil hazards.

Despite the challenges, we have proven time and again that our collective voice does count.  Having an effective and resilient organization like Ecology Ottawa produces results.  We take action to make sure your voice is heard.  It has changed the course of critical environmental policy in Ottawa for the better.

We've all been devastated watching as another Canadian community in mourning attempts to heal itself after a catastrophic oil event. I know you don’t want to see any oil spill disasters in our community. Please stand with us today and make a gift of support.

As a guide, a $50 gift will help us reach 1000 people and a $100 gift will help us reach 2500 people. Please help us reach as many of our friends and neighbours as possible.
Let’s stop this pipeline in its tracks.

My sincere thanks and please stay in touch,

Graham Saul – Executive Director


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Do let these happen here:
- camping at Rideau River campground
- special events at Watson's Mill
- fishing at Black Rapids
- swimming, paddling, and beach volleyball at Mooney's Bay
- skating and boating on the Rideau Canal
- biking, walking, and rollerblading along the Rideau River Eastern Pathway
- drinking water

Our health, heritage, and tourist industries are too important to ever risk transporting toxic tar sands heavy crude oil under the Rideau!