Sens fans betrayed

Sens fans betrayed
Posted on July 5, 2013 | James O'Grady | Written on July 5, 2013
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Thump! Went my heart when I read on Twitter that my favorite hockey player, the Ottawa Senators' captain Daniel Alfredsson, has opted to sign a 1-year contract for $5.5 Million with the Detroit Red Wings, instead of resigning with the team he has played for his entire career.

Its hard to imagine what would drive Alfredsson to make such a drastic decision when he is so beloved in Ottawa. It can't be the money, because $5.5 Million for 1-year isn't very much in the grand scheme of things, for him or for the team. Its certainly not worth losing the best player on your team.

Despite his age and multiple injuries, Daniel Alfredsson was, until today, still the best player on the Senators. Better than Spezza, better than Karlsson, better than Anderson. Better than any other player on the Ottawa Senators because of his tremendous skill, determination, leadership and the many intangibles that make him an all star. Alfredsson has been our best player since he first joined the team and was awarded Rookie of the Year.

As I wrote before the playoffs, Daniel Alfredsson is to the Senators what Steve Yzerman was to the Detroit Red Wings--a captain and leader like no other.

How could the Ottawa Senators let Alfredsson go? We all know he only has a couple of years left in the tank. Surely, keeping the best franchise player of all time in red, white and black for another year or two should have been priority #1 at the end of the season.

Whatever the reason for Alfredsson's departure, there is no doubt Ottawa Senators' fans have been betrayed. By whom, still remains to be seen.

James O'Grady,
Senators season ticket holder

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