Progressive Senate Group Press Release

Progressive Senate Group Press Release
Posted on November 27, 2019 | Unpublished Admin | Written on November 28, 2019

Ottawa, November 14, 2019 – The Progressive Senate Group (the Progressives) was formally established today as a parliamentary group in the upper chamber. The name reflects the new group’s progressive approach to governance, aiming to restore balance in the evolving Senate.

The Progressive Senate Group is made up of like-minded individuals with different backgrounds, strong convictions and often differing opinions. Members are inspired by the Algonquin word, “Mamidosewin,” which means meeting place and walking together.

While senators are free to champion their individual goals, the Progressives recognize the value of working together with a shared purpose. Applying their experience, knowledge and accumulated expertise, they will work together in the chamber of sober second thought to advance progressive views, including walking together with Indigenous peoples in advancing reconciliation.

Votes will not be whipped; every vote is a free vote. Members will also be free to participate in political activities outside the Senate, including being members of any political party, as allowed by the Senate Ethics Rules.

The members of the Progressives currently are: Senators Jane Cordy (NS), Dennis Dawson (QC), Joseph Day (NB), Percy Downe (PEI), Lillian Dyck (SK), Serge Joyal (QC), Sandra Lovelace Nicholas (NB), Terry Mercer (NS), and Jim Munson (ON).

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