Political Rhetoric

Political Rhetoric
Posted on June 18, 2013 | Alex Cullen | Written on June 18, 2013
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Ottawa Citizen

Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Randall Denley's June 13, 2013 letter to the Ottawa Citizen re. political accountability. Randall Denley (former Ottawa Citizen columnist) is the Ontario PC candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean.

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Dear Editor:

It may surprise people to know that Randall Denley, PC candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean, and I agree on the need for political accountability for the Liberals’ shameful conduct in the gas plant affair. However, Denley’s claim that the Ontario NDP’s motive to support the Wynne Liberal Government’s recent budget was to hold on to their jobs a little longer is not only untrue but political rhetoric of the worst sort.

Andrea Horwath, Ontario’s NDP Leader, made it clear that Ontarians expect their elected representatives to try to make government work before going back to the polls. As much as the NDP want to see the current government replaced by one that respects voters and provides programs they want at costs they can afford (that would be the NDP), the NDP has made the effort to get results for Ontario families. And they have been successful – commitments to lower car insurance rates by 15%, a much-needed youth jobs strategy, additional investment in home care for seniors, among others.

Most people realize, under this minority government situation, there will be a provincial election where the voters will judge all the parties, their leaders and their candidates. But the NDP can hardly be faulted for trying to make the system work for the benefit of Ontarians, as Ontarians expect.

Alex Cullen
Candidate for the Ontario NDP Nomination in Ottawa West-Nepean

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Mitch Brisebois

Oh c'mon Alex,

This letter is pure political rhetoric. Spin it the way you want, but the fact that you're arguing this lame point makes you lose a lot of credibility. Horwath has already lost a lot of credibility with her toe-flirting with the Liberals.

Desperation never works, Alex.

Alex Cullen's letter may sound like "political rhetoric" but he is right on the mark. Instead of playing political games like Hudak, the NDP is trying to make this government work for the best interests of the people of Ontario.

Hudak is trying to do anything right now to force an election, which is that last thing we need here in Ontario. Besides, any prospect of the return to the dark days of the Harris government is scary and to be avoided at all cost. Ontario is still a meaner place because of Harris, and Hudak is walking in his shoes.

As an aside to all died-in-the-wool conservatives out there, Have you noticed that, aside from a few minor "overlap" periods between elections, the same party has not been in power in both Ottawa and Queen's Park since the Diefenbaker years? Ontarians have an interesting habit of maintaining balance by electing different parties federally and provincially. So a Hudak victory would likely spell the beginning of the end for the Harper regime.

While I look forward to the latter, the prospect of the damage that even one term with Hudak could do to this Province is much too worrisome to contemplate. In this case, better the devil you know than the one you don't!