MP touts dairy deception

MP touts dairy deception
Posted on May 6, 2019 | Stefan Klietsch | Written on February 27, 2019
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Renfrew Mercury, Arnprior Chronicle-Guide, Eganville Leader

In her blog on Jan. 25, MP Cheryl Gallant asserted, “The Canada Food Guide is not based on factual, science-based research. The new Trudeau Liberal food guide ignores a growing body of evidence that shows the importance of dairy and meat in a healthy diet.”

What “body of evidence” is she talking about? On the contrary, a 2013 paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics suggested that the nutritional benefits of dairy products are exaggerated.

However, it stands to reason that dairy goods could still be healthier than other competing foods for sale at the same price levels. But Gallant and most parties support the dairy monopoly called “supply management” — even as she and the dairy lobby hype up dairy nutrition, they also support a policy that makes dairy goods artificially expensive.

Imagine if fishing licenses were set at a quota, and if access to those quota was based upon ability to buy superexpensive licences or to inherit licences through birth in the right family. We would see in commercial fisheries the same price inflation and economic oligarchy that currently exists in our restricted dairy industry.

Only the People’s Party currently speaks any sense in opposing the dairy monopoly; MP Gallant is no champion of food consumers.

Stefan Klietsch


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