Trudeau, Scheer, or Singh?

Trudeau, Scheer, or Singh?
Posted on December 31, 2018 | Abacus Data | Written on December 30, 2018
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How people think about political leaders has to do with a lot of factors, well beyond their policy positions. Voters develop a sense of what kind of person they are, whether they can be trusted in different ways.

To help shed light on how Canadians are thinking about the three major party leaders heading into this election year, we reprised some questions we ran early in 2016 ten months before the last election. Here’s what the results revealed:

• On 9 of 10 items tested, more people would trust Justin Trudeau than either of the other two leaders. The widest gaps were on trust to babysit your kids, choose the best movie to watch, prefer to have over for family dinner, give your kids career advice. Mr. Trudeau trailed Andrew Scheer on one item: which leader would make the best CEO of a large company.

• Mr. Scheer was top pick in terms of making the best large company CEO and was tied with Mr. Trudeau for “prefer to negotiate a contract on your behalf”. His weakest results were on “cook the best meal” and “most likely to lend you $100 if you needed it”.

• Jagmeet Singh was third on all but two items: “most likely to lend you $100” and “cook the best meal”.

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