Oakville/Mississauga Gas Plant Movement

Oakville/Mississauga Gas Plant Movement
Posted on May 7, 2013 | Rob Dekker | Written on May 2, 2013
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Ottawa Citizen

Author's Note:

Author's Note:

The Ontario Government continues to downplay their actions in the cancellations of the Oakville and Mississauga gas plants. Voters of Ontario have been disrespected by first Dalton McGuinty and it continues with the Wynne government.

To the Editor (Ottawa Citizen),

The latest numbers indicate that the Ontario Liberal Party once again underestimated the cost of moving Gas Plants in Mississauga and Oakville. With the total now pegged at $585 million, voters in Ontario need to ask themselves just how much more rope are they willing to give Premier Wynne and in Ottawa Centre Yasir Naqvi as the governing party in this province. I would hope that the government has been given all voters are prepared to give them.

The lack of regard for taxpayer’s money cannot be considered as anything but a lack of respect for the hard earned salaries of Ottawa and Ontario workers.

This government has lost the little trust that was given them in election of October 2011. The time is now for the government to face the voters and with that the Ontario PC’s have filed notice of a Non-Confidence motion in the Liberal government following statements from Premier Wynne in committee that the cancellation of the gas plants was a ‘political interest’, not a community interest decision. The premier stated that the gas plant moves are not a matter of confidence and that she should be judged by the budget. As a move to distance herself from her activities under former Premier McGuinty she once again displays forgetfulness for the previous years of debt and overspending that she as a member of the cabinet she supported.

This Premier, her Cabinet and MPP’s should face the voters for their past actions of neglect for the workers and taxpayers in Ontario. The reel of rope has reached its end, we can no longer afford to “give ’em anymore rope”.

Rob Dekker
Ottawa Centre PC Candidate

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To Rob Dekker:

I will start by admitting that I supported the Liberals in that election and I have my political biases against the Conservatives. I freely admit I was not very happy with the gas plant closure decision or the cost of it. That being said I think both the NDP and PCs have been rather ridiculous and hypocritical in their criticism of the Liberals over this issue.

Both the PCs and NDP also promised to close the gas plants in the same election. We (the residents of Ontario) would be paying for this decision regardless of which party was in power (assuming they intended to make good on that election promise). To promise to close the same gas plants and then complain about the costs of cancelling them (even if the Liberals were in power when they were approved) is hypocritical. I think it is pretty likely that all three parties made a political calculation when they made the decision the promise and scrap the gas plant.

The PCs have complained about the fact that the Liberals did not know the true cost of the gas plants when they decided to cancel them. The fact of the matter is neither did your party. If you want to accuse them of being financially irresponsible for the gas plant cancellation without knowing the cost that label should apply to the PCs as well.