Fury Unleashed: Kanata South Condo Development tweets has Councillor Hubley Fired Up

Fury Unleashed: Kanata South Condo Development tweets has Councillor Hubley Fired Up
Posted on April 24, 2013 | Mitch Brisebois | Written on April 24, 2013
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Author's Note:

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What a firestorm on Twitter over a plot of land being chainsawed in Kanata South.

First #KanataINFO reported that a forest was being clearcut by a condo developer in Katimavik without a permit. Our tweeters asked Councillor Hubley for a confirmation. He didn't answer.

Hubley sends out a press release around 4pm lambasting the @SouthMarch Twitter account for false information.

To quote Hubley:
"Despite the statements made on Twitter by @SouthMarch, no clear cutting took place by any developer. Instead the claims cried wolf over a home owner who was simply cleaning up their own property of dead trees and bushes that could be considered a fire hazard."

OK - so it's a homeowner cleaning up the yard.


Minutes later the Kanata Kourier revealed a different story:
"News that a work crew was cutting down spruce trees, alarmed some members of the community, who speculated the landowner was moving ahead with the project.
“Nothing has been approved,” said Hubley.
The landowner, who lives on Bachman Terrace, is now working on a new development proposal with residents who live on the street to come up with a modified proposal."

OK - so it's a condo developer prepping an unapproved paln.


As our tweeters politely asked - which is it Councilor Hubley, a homeowner cleaning her yard, or a condo developer preparing a site? As it turns out it wasn't a clearcut although City Forestry staff are investigating this week.

We're wondering why Allan Hubley - a well-respected politician - is SO upset that a few people on Twitter asked him that question? Is this proposed development project so controversial?

BTW - Hubley also implied we're anonymous. Hardly. Check us out here http://www.southmarchhighlands.ca/whoweare/ or ask City Counsel as we fought the Terry Fox Extension in court 3 years ago. Our coalition members on Facebook and Twitter number about 3,500. The core group has been featured in numerous media publication over the past 3 years. Our founder was just on Rogers TV last week.

Anonymous? Really?

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Sounds like the whole affair could have been avoided had the City or landowner notified the community before they started cutting trees. This is why the Federation of Citizens' Associations of Ottawa is continually asking the City to work more closely with local community associations.

Community associations are a communications channel to residents the City could make better use of in instances like this where there is a need to get the message out quickly about something the City knows residents will be concerned about.