New Book: Playing Dolls, Canadian Experience Required

New Book: Playing Dolls, Canadian Experience Required
Posted on April 16, 2015 | Najat Sinclair-Benrbia | Written on April 15, 2015
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Playing Dolls, Canadian Experience Required is a real life story that relates the events of my journey coming to this majestic country. It is also a story of all the other immigrants who have come searching for new beginnings. Like many before me, I came with hopes and dreams in order to change a corner of my world, but I was faced with discrimination, many hurdles to jump, and tough decisions to make in the name of that Canadian Experience.

But despite the rigidity and the layering of the bureaucratic chaos in a system that does not seem to work with anything foreign, I came to understand that I had to continue, whether I walked on thorns or not. Persevering and changing my destiny was key to see beyond the layering in order to emerge better, stronger and wiser. Changing my destiny, relying on my experience, savoir-faire and education were the right tangible push towards the better, successful person I am today.

My journey has not only permitted me to change my thinking, but has helped to change the core of my being by accepting the new person I have become; the better companion, the wonderful wife, the understanding mother and the valuable educator. Playing Dolls, Canadian Experience Required is the play key to new and better highs.

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Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco. Studied English Litterature and got my Master's Degree. I speak four languages. I am an Educator and run my own childcare, putting the emphasis on the language of Molière.