Anti-Islam Protest Turned Anti-fascist in Montreal

Anti-Islam Protest Turned Anti-fascist in Montreal
Posted on March 29, 2015 | Yasser Harrak | Written on March 29, 2015
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Another blow to the conservatives' bet on the politics of fear and division. Another blow to all the political and cultural organizations that bet on importing social problems from Europe and other parts of the world to divert the tax payers from concentrating on their standard of living, that requires equitable redistribution of  wealth,  to accepting unfair wealth concentration fearing for their lives from guns, terrorists, and - believe it or not - aliens . The anti-Islam protest in Montreal was scuttled yesterday by opposition groups said the media reports. The police ordered the PEGIDA (a right-wing European regressive political organization) to cancel their protest said other media reports based on a Facebook post from PEGIDA itself. The reality of what happened and why it happened can be understood based on the following reading.

Anti-Islam Protest as a Scam

Since knowing about the protest, I followed its official page on Facebook. A couple of thousands of Likes in a Facebook page never mean a couple of thousands of militants for the cause of that page. The March 28 anti-Islam event set the time for 3.00 pm in the corner of Pie-IX  and Belair street in Montreal. I was around the area at 2.00 pm hoping for an interview with one of the European PEGIDA right wingers. After 2.30 pm, the area was dominated by ordinary Canadians who came to denounce the fascist organization. They were mostly French Quebecers, students and socialist activists. No one had shown up for PEGIDA except 4 people with no protest signs. I was directed to a corner where I was supposed to find them. Crossing the street, I did not find any of them. The PEGIDA protest ended up being a successful anti-fascist manifestation, and the presence of PEGIDA was nothing but illusion. From the protesters you could hear condemnations of what was said to be a "call for hatred" by the Conservative Party of Canada.  Jason Kenney's Facebook hate stories and Stephen Harper's ISIS recruiting scandal were things the protesters were talking about before it started being louder. Some ordinary citizens suggested that the PEGIDA affair is the job of the conservatives. Regardless of what ordinary people say and how authentic that can be, what is important is that the  167 European right wingers that promised to show up ended up being 4. Some news reports said that they were a total of 15. The conclusion is that the PEGIDA affair is nothing but scam and that the European right wingers found no place in the minds and hearts of Canadians.

PEGIDA and the Islamization of the West

There is a good reason which led the Montreal municipal authorities to warn that the slogans of hatred and discrimination will lead to automatic police intervention. Fascism started as a slogan liked by several individuals who subsequently formed an association. The later evolved to a political party before becoming the undeclared state religion. PEGIDA argues for the protection of the West's traditionally Judeo-Christian culture opposing the existence of Islam as a subculture. This is the argument related to the failed manifestation. It was published undated by a Danish PEGIDA website as a one-page manifesto that includes a total of 19 bulleted position statements .[1] The argument may be appealing to the less educated. There is no doubt that with average education one can see the weakness and falsehood in such argument. In general, Islam is the closest religious culture to the Judeo-Christian culture. All the prophets in Islam except Muhamad are in the Torah and the Bible. Young aged marriage in Islamic history is identical with that in the Biblical history. The Islamic culture is against homosexuality equally as the Judeo-Christian culture. The eye for an eye justice system is equal in both. In fact, The Western culture has very little to do with Judeo-Christianity if one truly digs deeper in the issue. If the movement PEGIDA worries about the Judeo-Christian culture they should have formed a coalition with radical Muslims to try to restore the Biblical teachings they have in common with the Quranic teachings most of which are now considered felonies in the Western culture. This brings about a question on how much of the Western civilization does this PEGIDA movement have in spirit! In my opinion, the PEGIDA movement is an identity crisis expression.

Fascist movements sell illusion and live on tragedy. There is no surprise if those who created the "Judaization" illusion in the last century and victimized millions of people are trying to resurrect today creating a new illusion called "Islamization". Their peers in the other part of the world talk about the "Westernization of Islam". Luckily enough, multiculturalism and secularism makes it hard for fascism to plant its seeds in Canada.



[1] Anonymous (10 December 2014). "Pegida Positionspapier" (in German).

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