Why Should I Pay When Someone is Stupid?

Why Should I Pay When Someone is Stupid?
Posted on January 3, 2015 | Edward Farnworth | Written on January 3, 2015
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Ottawa Citizen

Like most people, I’m not the happiest person when I write out that annual cheque to pay for my municipal taxes. I know that my tax money is paying to keep the roads plowed, the buses running, the libraries open (not as long as I would like), and the emergency services ready to rapidly help when needed. But when I heard about the New Year’s Eve rescue of a canoe on the Ottawa River, I asked, ‘why should I be paying for that?’

Even if no alcohol was involved, putting a canoe in at that point on the river, at that time of day (it was really night), at this time of the year – hardly prime canoeing season – and not wearing life jackets, was reckless, dangerous, and I will say just plain stupid.

Bravo to the brave emergency rescue crew who responded. I hope the lucky canoeists were greeted at the shore by someone from City Hall presenting them with a bill for their little misadventure.

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