Stop whinging about the small stuff

Stop whinging about the small stuff
Posted on December 27, 2014 | Chris Edwards | Written on December 27, 2014
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Wake Up CanadaPeople! stop whineing about our central government! they are doing a better job than any these days!         Consider this! untill the Austrailians woke up and threw out the corrupt party who introduced the discredited carbon credit scam ours was the ONLY country who didnt buy in to this hugely costly scam! because ther is only one party not run by thieves! perfect they are not but the opposition being socialist, does nothing to suggest better policy! Ours is also the only one to limit refugees to the people in danger from Syria, do we really want the warring lunatics over here because their side was oosing at that moment? no we dont! we have a lot to be gratefull for with this government, Look at the unmitigated disaster the Liberals are in Ontario! do you want Canadas credit rating down to junk? if you do vote for Truedau, of not Vote for Mr Harper. I come from England, I left because it has been ruined by the left wing nonsense that thankfully , for now at least, we dont have here! Look areound, its been decades since the liberals did anything right for most Canadians, and that was a very different animal to the modern Liberal party foisted on un today!



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