Royal weddings, brides of color and offshore banking

Royal weddings, brides of color and offshore banking
Posted on December 15, 2017 | Morgan Duchesney | Written on December 15, 2017
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Royal weddings, brides of color and offshore banking

Long live British royalty – preferably at their own expense. Stephen Harper once spent $7.5 million public dollars to finance the pomp and ceremony of the royal jubilee. Who knows what the British public will ante up for Harry and his common bride whose non-Caucasian appearance is exposing the hypocrisy of mixed-race royalty?

Do you love to bow and curtsy when supposedly superior people get married? Yes? Well, now’s your chance to bask in the reflected grace of prince Harry, the absentee duke of some inherited UK plot and; whether or not you like it; the grandson of your noble monarch, who actually has no last name.

Unfortunately, royalty, like religion; will be with us for a while yet, at least until Canadians realize that the monarchy is merely a pricey celebrity cult for those with weak identities.

It’s worth remembering that British royalty once had arbitrary powers of life and death over their subjects and that much of their personal wealth is derived from the past habit of inflicting Britain’s needs on weaker nations. Now we learn that the royals are involved in offshore investments off limits to the U.K. tax authorities; at least for now.

However, if you remain loyal to the crown, you may join an anonymous Ottawa monarchist who once wrote, “…I shouldn’t have to adore them personally. That they are Royal is enough. Our job as subjects is to line the parade routes and bow meekly as they pass.”

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