Harper leads in polls; Smart Voting needed to stop him!

Harper leads in polls; Smart Voting needed to stop him!
Posted on September 29, 2015 | Nick Fillmore | Written on September 29, 2015
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

To defeat Stephen Harper

Polling results released this morning by Nanos show the Conservatives ahead at 32.6 per cent across the country. The Liberals stand at 31.4, and the NDP at 27.

To overcome the Conservatives on election day, voters in more than 60 target ridings will have to "Vote Smart" -- strategically -- to help both the Liberals and NDP defeat the Cons. in riding where they are vulnerable.

In a few days, the volunteer group One Big Campaign will be circulating the results of local polling carried out for LeadNow. These results will show how the three main parties stand in the ridings, and voters can decide which party they think can defeat the Conservative.

If you're sitting on the sidelines for some reason, it's time to check out the polls at LeadNow's Vote Together and find out if you're in a key riding. Another 30 or more ridings will be added to the list.

A word of caution: Just because the Liberals have moved ahead of the NDP, voters must not think of switching to the Liberals in ridings where the NDP has the best chance of defeating a Conservative. In 2011, when the NDP moved ahead thousands of voters moved from the Liberals to the NDP -- but in ridings where only the Liberals had a chance of defeating a Conservative. As a result, Harper picked up several seats he should not have won. Had those voters stayed with the Liberals, there might have been a minority Conservative government and perhaps the end of Harper.

Here's what Nik Nanos says about Ontario: Ontario is a dead heat between the Liberals, who are at 38.9 per cent, and the Conservatives, who are at 38.1 per cent. Support for the NDP has slid the last two days in Ontario and stands at 19.4 per cent while support for the Greens is at 3.6 per cent.

It would be a good idea if you volunteered just a few hours between now and October 19. Contact One Big Campaign coordinator Nick Fillmore at: fillmore0274@rogers.org I will be contacting a number of you who I know opposes Harper to ask you to volunteer.

Remember, this is OUR election to win!

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