Let's clean up Ottawa's waterfront

Let's clean up Ottawa's waterfront
Posted on April 23, 2013 | Ade Olumide | Written on April 8, 2013
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Dear friends,

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and City Councillor Matthieu Fleury have made the case that “no one wants a rundown building in their neighbourhood”. Neither do we!

Which is why we have launched a campaign for unsolicited P3 proposals to ensure there are no derelict buildings on Ottawa’s waterfront by Canada's 150th birthday. We will be reaching out to the Department of Canadian Heritage to incorporate our waterfront derelict properties redevelopment proposal into their festival plans.

Got ideas on how to incorporate Ottawa’s waterfront in our 150th birthday celebration? Send us an email or tweet and together let's make Ottawa's waterfront as popular as Niagara falls!


Ade Olumide, President
Municipal Taxpayer Advocacy Group

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Great idea Ade! I'm interested to see if anyone is willing to step forward to take on this challenge.