Ten little nudges to consider as encouragement to Vote

Ten little nudges to consider as encouragement to Vote
Posted on October 25, 2014 | Rob Dekker | Written on October 25, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Inspired by my daughter (she is 22)  who said only one candidate came to her door and asked for her parents?? This list gives some encouragement for everyone to find a reason to vote on Monday October 27th.

Everyone has heard that we should vote because our fathers and forefathers fought so we can have the right to vote.  There are many who believe voting should be a law punishable by a fine. 

In 2010 only less than 10,000 residents cast a ballot in Somerset Ward where 23,000+ were registered.  Will an open race encourage voters to come out?  Will an open race put pressure on candidates to get their supporters to the polls?

Rather than the beat you down approach to vote, here are ten thoughts that I hope will encourage you to vote, in whatever ward you live in, on Monday in the 2014 Municipal Elections in Ottawa.

  1. Your ward is open because the incumbent is not running.  This is your chance to avoid the “she (or he) will just get in again” excuse.  Vote for the change you always wanted in your ward because this year there will be change.
  2. In the case that your Mayor/Councillor is the incumbent and is expected to win re-election, vote to display your dissatisfaction with their work (if that is the case).  A smaller margin of victory does send a message to the re-elected candidate.
  3. In the case that your Mayor/Councillor is the incumbent and is expected to win re-election, vote to display your satisfaction with their work they have been doing (if that is the case).  Every vote counts and a large margin of victory for the candidate will make them and YOU feel good about your decision.
  4. Not many candidates came to your door and you can’t make a 100% informed decision.  Base your vote on WHO did come to your door – it’s the other candidate’s loss if they didn’t visit you.
  5. Platform, platform, platform – vote for the ideas that struck a chord with you.
  6. Friends of yours are working for a candidate.  If you trust your friends, vote for the candidate they are working for.
  7. I have never been a supporter of a spoiled ballot, but they do count spoiled ballots on the final tally.  It could be your way to send a message.
  8. It’s not the most scientific, try voting by signs, which candidate do you think ran a good campaign with the use of signs?
  9. A candidate asked you for your vote and you said yes but now you think time is an issue.  The candidate is counting on your vote.  Call their office and ask for a ride, Polls are open from 10am to 8pm – your candidate will do everything they can to get you to the poll to vote before polls close.
  10. You are not just voting for Mayor and Councillor and the future of your city, you are also voting for School Board Trustee and the future of education delivered to children where you live. It is just as important.

Whatever reason spoke to you and you go out to vote, congratulations!  By voting you now have a moral reason to talk about the outcome and whatever happens in the next four years.

I invite you to share your ideas by commenting to this post or any post on my blog.  You can also email me directly at robdekkeroc@gmail.com.

I can be found Twitter @robertdekker, on Facebook at http://tiny.cc/n5l97.

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