Open Letter to River Ward Voters

Open Letter to River Ward Voters
Posted on October 24, 2014 | Blake Batson | Written on October 24, 2014
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This is an open letter to River Ward voters and to any other voters in Ottawa who care about councillors who are upfront with their constituents.

There are five questions that I have been trying to get Riley Brockington, candidate for River Ward, to answer this whole campaign and he has not answered me on any of these questions as of yet.

They are the following:

1) Do you have the endorsement of Maria McRae?

2) Have you discussed with Maria the Bayview School sale and the plans for the site?

3) Will Maria be paid by your campaign for any help she has provided to you during the election or paid by your office should you be elected?  Remember, that Wendy Stewart was paid by Maria when she ran in 2003.

4) Do you know what the total city debt is?

5) Do you think the city has a debt problem?

These are not bothersome questions and should be easily answered by a candidate when asked. The answer to first question was recently revealed in a flyer that went out to voters in the ward that the outgoing councillor is indeed endorsing him. But that still leaves four more questions unanswered.

Therefore, I am asking voters in Ottawa if they would kindly send Riley an email asking these same questions. Maybe he will respond to you.  You can email Riley at and

Your help would be greatly appreciated,


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