Clinton Cowan calls for real time publication of campaign donations

Clinton Cowan calls for real time publication of campaign donations
Posted on October 16, 2014 | Clinton Cowan | Written on October 16, 2014
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OTTAWA, October 16, 2014 - A lot of attention has been paid to the questions surrounding corporate donations to candidate, specifically donations from large city contractors and city developers. The arguments seem split between allowing such donations to continue to help offset the cost of campaigns and banning donations altogether.

Today, Clinton Cowan, candidate in Alta Vista Ward (Ward 18), calls for real time campaign donation registration and publication of said donations. "With today's technology, campaign donations could be registered and made publically available within twenty-four hours of them being received. The city should implement this" said Cowan.

Cowan contends that it doesn't really help the public to publish the names months after the election. "Another candidate in another ward is trying to use donations from four years ago to push his cause of banning corporate donations. Four years is long enough to get a good return on investment" Cowan made the point of saying. It's time to bring the ties between corporations and elected officials fully out in the open.

Cowan will lead the charge to make this happen if elected.

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About Clinton Cowan

Raised in Ottawa, Clinton Cowan, 38, is a long time Alta Vista resident and is a husband and father of three. with a determination to improve the quality of living that Ottawa has to offer.

His vision is to build an inclusive and accessible city that respects its citizens, and to ensure our essential services are delivered effectively and efficiently.

Clinton has spent his career working in the public, private and non-profit sectors to help build vibrant communities. As a leader in labour relations, Clinton focuses on dispute resolution and conflict avoidance practices in order to build lasting solutions for complex issues. These skills will enhance his effectiveness at City Hall.

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Clinton Cowan is running for Ottawa City Council in Ward 18: Alta Vista, where he lives. He is a labour relations consultant specializing in dispute resolution and conflict avoidance practices and building lasting... More