Canadian big-city mayors defiant in face of Trump's exit from Paris accord

Canadian big-city mayors defiant in face of Trump's exit from Paris accord
Posted on June 2, 2017 | National Observer | Written on June 2, 2017
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Only hours before U.S. President Donald Trump abandoned a global deal to halt dangerous and destructive climate change, mayors from some of Canada’s largest cities were already planning to move forward without him.

“First of all, the world can exist without some of the players,” said Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre. “We can play a leadership role.”

The mayor of Quebec’s largest city, speaking at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Big City Mayors’ Caucus in Ottawa on June 1, dealt with severe flooding in his province throughout the month of May. Scientists say floods are becoming more extreme due to the impacts of climate change.

Their mayors' address took place roughly three hours before Trump appeared outside the White House to declare his withdrawal from the landmark Paris climate accord.

Reacting to Trump's imminent withdrawal, Coderre said it was more important than ever that cities, provinces and the federal government “stick together” to address climate action effectively.

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