BC Greens face critical dilemma

BC Greens face critical dilemma
Posted on May 11, 2017 | National Observer | Written on May 10, 2017


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The Green Party won enough seats to hold the balance of power after Tuesday's election, but risks ruin by backing the New Democratic Party, say political scientists from the University of British Columbia.


The province’s lieutenant-governor asked BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark to continue as premier with a minority of 43 seats Wednesday.

The BC NDP under John Horgan took 41 seats and the Greens led by Andrew Weaver picked up three seats - more than ever before. The Greens now hold the balance of power in the 87-seat legislature.

The final election results won’t be known for at least two weeks when tens of thousands of absentee ballots are counted. A recount is ensured in the riding of Courtney-Comox on Vancouver Island because the NDP is hanging on by only nine votes. A Liberal win there would push the government to 44 seats in the legisature, the smallest possible majority.

If the NDP keeps the riding, a deal with the Green Party could create a coalition with 44 seats.

“If it’s true that British Columbians voted for a change, that must mean — if you’re Andrew Weaver — ousting Christy Clark from government,” said UBC’s Richard Johnston.

“But to do that, he has to back the loser,” said Johnston. “Andrew Weaver has to stick-handle through this very carefully. He may have the effect of delegitimating his own party and the NDP by putting them in power."

Greens popular vote doubled

The Greens doubled their popular vote from eight per cent in 2013 to 16 per cent Tuesday, said Kathryn Harrison of UBC. Her riding-by-riding look at the shift indicates it hurt the Liberals more often than the NDP.

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