Callaloo Soup and Why I Voted for Jim Watson

Callaloo Soup and Why I Voted for Jim Watson
Posted on October 4, 2014 | Blake Batson | Written on October 4, 2014
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I went to a restaurant recently and ordered their callaloo soup. It's a soup made from a Spinach like leaf and is popular in the Caribbean.  Anyway, I ordered it and it was really good.  I enjoyed it thoroughly and would happily recommend it to other people who patronized this particular restaurant.

Was it the best callaloo soup I've ever had? No. Could I make it better or know someone who could make it better? Maybe.  But I'm at this restaurant right now and my only choices are to order their callaloo soup or something else.

Truth be told, if I were to analyze each individual ingredient that went into this restaurant's callaloo soup, I probably may not have ordered it. The callaloo leaf, is very healthy for you - high in iron and calcium but I would have preferred shrimp in my soup to the crab meat they used. I also hate okra with a passion. They are slimy and seedy.

Fortunately, however, I didn't over analyze the parts but looked at the soup on the whole.  The good and the not so good mix of ingredients and style used by the restaurant to make my callaloo soup made the end product something that I was happy to have ordered.  The soup tasted really, really good.  

I would have no problems whatsoever in recommending this restaurant's callaloo to anyone who asked me my opinion.

And I voted for Jim Watson because he's a nice guy.

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