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There is a rally on May 6th in Toronto Ontario in opposition of the federally mandated provincial carbon tax.

We don't need more taxes. We can't afford more taxes. If government wants to do something about pollution, they need to look at alleviating poverty, including Energy Poverty.

As it stands, the People of Ontario are barely able to pay their Hydro Bills.  Adding a Carbon Tax on top of the exorbitant cost of hydro will PUSH ONTARIANS OVER THE BRINK of extreme poverty.  We can’t afford ANY additional charges. 

The estimated average cost is approximately $80 per year for the average Ontario household..  This number is ridiculous to families that live in rural areas, as the carbon tax will add $0.05 per litre to the price of fuel alone.  Rural families are being affect the most by the out of control hydro delivery charges, and now this…

It is a proven fact that Poverty leads to Pollution.  If our government TRULY cared about the environment, they would be doing what they can to make our cost of living more affordable.   It is a common misconception that wealth and affluence leads to pollution.  This not true.  Keeping people in poverty means more people burning wood for heat, poverty leads to poor family planning choices which leads to overpopulation and crowding in poverty stricken areas. Poverty means consumers need to buy cheaper processed foods and make unhealthy choices, which are also a burden on our healthcare system.

Alleviating poverty will allow people to make smarter choices, including buying locally sourced food, put solar panels on their homes and go "off grid" and even spend money upgrading their homes with insulation and green roofing...

We need government to reduce regulations on residential solar industry so farmers, businesses and even large office buildings can outfit their buildings with solar panels and sell renewable energy to their communities in competition with the public hydro grid to create price competition.

If government TRULY wants to combat "climate change" and pollution in general, they should be looking at ways we can keep more of our wealth, not looking at ways to take more of our wealth away from us.  

Combat Energy Poverty

Protest the Carbon Tax....




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