Clinton Cowan enters Alta Vista race for Ottawa City Council

Clinton Cowan enters Alta Vista race for Ottawa City Council
Posted on September 4, 2014 | Clinton Cowan | Written on September 4, 2014
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Author's Note:

A Two Term Commitment and Promise of Prosperity for Ward 18.

OTTAWA - Today, Clinton Cowan announces his run for councillor for Alta Vista Ward (Ward 18). He is excited about the opportunity to bring a Fresh Start for his community. Cowan said "It's time for Alta Vista to share in the prosperity of the City. A lot is happening in Ottawa and Alta Vista is left out."

A father of three, husband and resident of the ward, Cowan wants to bring Alta Vista into the 21st century with improved transportation options, stronger community centres, and safer neighbourhoods. Having the experience of running in 2010, Cowan knows the reality of being part of a 24 person City Hall and aspires to working with the Mayor and other councillors to bring its fair share to Alta Vista.

Cowan is a proven community leader serving as Vice-President of the South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre as well as a number of other community focused groups but vows not to be a career politician and pledges to a two term limit if entrusted with serving as ward councillor. "Even the best intended person grows to find other challenges that takes away from the needs of the community. If elected, I want to focus all my energy representing the residents of Alta Vista."

Until election day, Cowan and his team will focus on meeting the voters and earning their support.

For more information about Clinton Cowan, please visit his website at:, or contact him directly at:

t: (613) 276-1819

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