Why vs Why Not

Why vs Why Not
Posted on July 26, 2014 | Rob Dekker | Written on July 26, 2014
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The question I have seen in print lately is “Why would anyone want to lead the Ontario PC Party?” The media seems intent on assuming that Ontarians would never support the Ontario PC Party enough to have it form government. The media also assumes that the only way the PC Party could govern is by the Wynne and the Liberals losing government.

Why wouldn't someone want to lead the Ontario PC Party?

The political landscape of Ontario is diverse, but will entertain any offer from a Party and a Leader that appeals to them. The June 12th Ontario General Election demonstrated that there are Liberals who will vote PC; Dippers that will vote Liberal; PC’s that will vote NDP and many voters that will NOT vote at all. The reasons for the switch vary, but one stands out: A voter will mark the X on the ballot for the Party that they feel will WIN the election, even voters don’t like to finish second. A new PC Leader that can engage the electorate and excite them with a message of hope, prosperity and a good future will surely be the winner Ontario voters are seeking.

Why wouldn't someone wish to be the leader of the PC Party knowing that this would await them?

Who wouldn't seek the leadership of the Ontario PC Party knowing what could be won?

The province under a Liberal government has not been an economical boost and based on the budget that was passed this week, Ontario will still be dragging the economy of Canada for another year or two at the minimum. In four years the same Ontario voters that gave the Liberals a majority will once again be judging Kathleen Wynne on her governments’ performance. Based on experts and credit rating agencies, a turnaround is not expected soon. Based on that who wouldn't want to seek the leadership knowing what could be…

Whoever is chosen the next leader of the Ontario PC Party will have been selected because they were deemed the best by the members – the one person that will bring an electoral victory to the party. There is one certainty waiting…the negative messaging from the Ontario Liberals and their friends in the Working Families Coalition.

Who wouldn't want to seek the leadership of the Ontario PC Party and show Ontarians that a fiscally responsible platform can gain support from a wide cross section of the province?

The Working Family Coalition (WFC) stepped up their attack this year on a pragmatic and promising platform that would have been a huge step forward for Ontario. The new Leader would want to face the WFC head on, stand firm on a good solid platform and say “bring it, we are ready and we will prevail this time” adding “your message of negativity, doom and gloom will not be sold this time to voters”.

Why wouldn't someone seek the leadership of the party knowing that they could finally show the WFC to door out of the election party?
While media might be asking why someone would seek the Ontario PC Party Leadership, the question of why not seems to be the better question to ask.

I am looking forward to hearing the leadership candidates ask members "why wouldn't I be best choice to lead the party?”

I invite you to share your ideas by commenting to this post or any post on my blog. You can also email me directly at robdekkeroc@gmail.com.

So as we move forward, I am really excited by the opportunities that are available for us to grab hold of as a Party and locally with the Ottawa Centre PC Riding Association.

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