Who has the best plan to protect Ontario’s environment?

Who has the best plan to protect Ontario’s environment?
Posted on June 11, 2014 | Evironmental Defence | Written on June 11, 2014
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Dear Ontarians,
This Thursday, Ontario voters will choose their next provincial government.

While the environment may not have been the top issue during this election, many of the major issues being discussed – from transit to energy costs – really are environmental issues.

We know voters have a lot of information to weigh. That’s why we, along with other environmental groups, created this scorecard, to make it easy for you to compare the platforms and plans of the four major parties on key environmental issues.
How did we develop the scorecard? We sent each of the parties a survey, and asked about their plans on important environmental issues like stopping urban sprawl, protecting the Great Lakes, taking action on climate change, and getting toxic chemicals out of consumer products.

We used their answers and the party platforms to develop this scorecard, which shows how their promises stack up against the objectives of the eight environmental priorities jointly developed by the 20 organizations involved in Ontario’s Environmental Priorities Initiative.

As a charity we can’t tell you who to vote for. But we can tell you that there are big issues at stake in this election. Visit www.greenprosperity.ca and see what the parties have said.

And when you vote this Thursday, vote for a party that has a credible plan to protect your environment, health and economy. 

Tim Gray      
Executive Director
Environmental Defence

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Joe Wallach

What difference does it make as to which party has the best plan to protect the environment? The Ministry of the Environment (MOE), particularly Agatha Garcia-Wright who is the director of the Environmental Approvals Branch (formerly the Environmental ASSESSMENT and Approvals Branch) does not care.

Sincere professional evaluations or justifiably emotional letters written to Garcia-Wright or to the Minister get exactly the same insincere boilerplate response from her. Included in her replies is the "sage" advice to bring ones concerns directly to the proponent. Regarding landfills she does not care and does not even conceal her total disdain for the people who try to advise her PROFESSIONALLY.

Until that attitude is forcefully removed from MOE, it does not matter that the Liberals have been returned, or if the Green Party had been elected, there is no expectation that landfills will be treated with any more regulatory rigor than they are now.

Time to take it to the next level Joe. Have you considered pursuing legal action?

Joe Wallach

Absolutely, James. I just do not want to go into detail here. It would be nice, however, if she gave her bureaucratic head a severe shake and really took: 1) her role, 2) serious and competent people, and 3) the environment, seriously.