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"As a Senator-juror, I swore an oath, before God, to exercise 'impartial justice.' I am a profoundly religious person. I take an oath before God as enormously... more
Donald Trump
Hello Mathieu, As a monitor of almost 4000 LRT commuters, I have a growing consern about the health and safety of the public using the LRT, as well as the... more
We represent a diverse group of academics working at universities and colleges across Canada who can no longer stand by in the face of human-driven climate... more
climate change
David Suzuki Foundation
Email sent to me today from someone who has received no help from OBSI for years and years of trying: Can you believe this OBSI directive ? Please see the... more
Breach of trust
  The largest news story in Canada, in 2012 was about a failed meat inspection regulatory process at a meat packing plant in Brooks, Alberta Inside the story... more
Organized Financial Crime
Regulatory Corruption
Trans Mountain
            The image provided is from Ottawa City Concillor Catherine McKenney's twitter acount, and is a joint statement with Ottawa City Councillor Jeff... more
Today, the City released its Strategic Road Safety Action Plan. It’s a weighty document that outlines the measures it proposes Council adopt to reduce the... more
I say these things because: Money is free for those who are creditworthy because the investors who are giving it to them are willing to get back less than they... more
world finance
wealth gap
In a letter from Rick Chiarelli's doctor, the Ottawa city councilor is described to have fainted on October 12th 2019 due to a syncopal attack, and has ... more
October 23, 2019
Dear residents of Cape Breton—Canso, Climate change is the problem but old party politics are digging us deeper.   We’ve got disaster after disaster right... more
Clive Doucet
climate change
Basic Guaranteed Income
Tornados and flooding in our neighborhoods, increased traffic gridlock and our young people are taking to the streets en masse to demand action on climate... more
September 29, 2019
It is clear that you have a great interest in helping today’s students to have the best possible future, or you would not have taken on the leadership roles... more
  A secure retirement may depend upon investors knowing which type of investment agent must work FOR the investor, and which is allowed to work COUNTER-TO the... more
larry elford
Beware of companies offering pardon services. I've had a bad experience I'd like to share with Unpublished Ottawa's audience.  For starters, before you sign-up... more
pardon services
Canadian law
justice system
pardon service providers
I’m gay. There – I said it; or rather, wrote it. Those two words took me almost four decades to utter, but as they say, “Better late than never.’’ As I look... more
August 17, 2019