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  Liberals in Red Trudeau and Wynne are fading away, on Election Day 81% here, want Wynne to go away Don’t touch the hard drives Everyone knows Hydro rates are... more
Ontario PC Party
Kathleen Wynne
Justin Trudeau
City staff last week recommended that no bicycle should be allowed on the new LRT during the peak transit hours. The rush hour has been defined as 6-9 am and 3... more
February 20, 2018
Cycling in Ottawa
Bike Ottawa
  The City of Ottawa is dumping unspecified tonnes of accumulated stormwater sludge behind homes on Otter Tail Crescent in Riverside South.  The project is ... more
Criminal court today. I will also be serving documents later today for civil court so while I am in Toronto later this week for the third proceeding involving... more
Smiths Falls Police
Smiths Falls
For the past two years, the prospect of creating a Netflix tax or Internet tax has been the digital policy issue that would not die in Canada. The Standing... more
Michael Geist
Digital Economy
Digital media
Justin Trudeau
Canada 150 has come and gone…Canada 15, 000 lives on. Having covered a range of Canada 150 celebration events, I decided to create my own project, the... more
Chaudière sacred islands & falls
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ottawa photographer
First Nations
Canadian History
This year in digital and broadcast policy is likely to be dominated by two lobbying efforts: the radical website blocking plan proposed by the Bell coalition... more
site blocking
“Happy adjournment day,” my husband says to me as I walk out the door. I have criminal court this afternoon and humor has always been a helpful coping... more
Smiths Falls Police
Smiths Falls
  I can say that I had visions of 2018 being a challenging year; 2017 dictated that the 12 months that would follow could be “mind blowing”.  Consider my mind... more
Like many when I first heard the news about the allegations made against Patrick Brown, I jumped on the bandwagon. My first thought was how disgusting a man he... more
Patrick Brown
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I watched three movies last weekend; The Last Picture Show (from 1971), The Money Monster (from 2016) and Trolls (also from 2016). All were entertaining, but... more
Predator teachers: Students ruined by teacher sex assaults. Predator teachers have left a trail of wounded students across Ontario. Teachers, mostly male but... more
Ontario Liberal Party
Child and Youth Workers Ontario
Smiths Falls, that small town in Ontario that’s been making some big waves. That small town known for sports heroes Brooke Henderson and Bailey Andison. Also,... more
January 22, 2018
Smiths Falls
The Leap Manifesto brought down a federal NDP leader and left the same party with a void in its leadership until late 2017.  Following the 2015 Canadian... more
climate change
Shock Politics
In a year of living politically, it challenges me to read more so I know and understand more. The first challenge was to learn about what my political reality... more
January 14, 2018
Canadian Parliament