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In an arrogant bid to force the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to resume peace talks, the Trump government has revoked visas for the Palestinian... more
Palestine / Israel
Who will commemorate the Nakba in Canada? BRIAR PATCH – BLOG by Morgan Duchesney   May 14, 2018 This week marks the anniversary of conflicting narratives:... more
Palestine / Israel
The Network for Human Rights, Equality and Social Justice, the Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians (APAC), Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), the... more
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Post Media editors obviously see risk in readers being exposed to information that contradicts the dominant narrative on Israel/Palestine. In this way they act... more
Palestine / Israel
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Post Media’s John Robson on Jerusalem: Anti-Semitic Accusations and Mythology Columnist and history lecturer John Robson recently flung generalized accusations... more