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On Wednesday April 8, 2020, City Council will hold a Virtual Council Meeting. At that time, a motion will be put forward for a vote;   This motion will give... more
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Mayor Jim Watson
Jim Watson
Ottawa City Hall
Ottawa City Council
Calling all Zone 5 - College school councils, parents, and public ed interested citizens once more!   Wendy (Zone 4 - Bay) and I (Rob Campbell) have... more
By Anonymous
March 4, 2020
Dear Mr. Manconi, Reflecting on last week’s Transit Challenge and the feedback I am receiving daily from frustrated Kanata North residents, I am writing to... more
By Anonymous
March 4, 2020
OC Transpo
Dear Mayor and Council,   During this term of Council you have declared both a Climate Emergency and a Housing and Homelessness Emergency. We applaud these... more
climate change
urban sprawl
Ottawa – The City is inviting all residents to help shape our new Community Safety and Well-Being Plan. The plan will outline strategies and actions aimed at... more
Dear City Clerk, The City of Ottawa’s urban Councillors - and by extension, the residents we represent - have been locked out of key positions within city... more
February 19, 2020
It would be difficult to design a transit project for Ottawa that would cost more (7 billion+) and do less. The LRT is a replacement system. It simply replaces... more
December 9, 2019
            The image provided is from Ottawa City Concillor Catherine McKenney's twitter acount, and is a joint statement with Ottawa City Councillor Jeff... more
Today, the City released its Strategic Road Safety Action Plan. It’s a weighty document that outlines the measures it proposes Council adopt to reduce the... more
In a letter from Rick Chiarelli's doctor, the Ottawa city councilor is described to have fainted on October 12th 2019 due to a syncopal attack, and has ... more
October 23, 2019
Tornados and flooding in our neighborhoods, increased traffic gridlock and our young people are taking to the streets en masse to demand action on climate... more
September 29, 2019
After a summer of not feeling well and a myriad of medical tests, I received the devastating diagnosis of ovarian cancer. I am most grateful to the dedicated... more
September 23, 2019
I’m gay. There – I said it; or rather, wrote it. Those two words took me almost four decades to utter, but as they say, “Better late than never.’’ As I look... more
August 17, 2019
City Hall belongs to you. City Hall is your building. Council members work for the public and should be tasked with putting the needs of the people first over... more
City Council
The lack of transparency at City Hall makes it very difficult to ever know exactly what’s going on in any project. An announcement of a billion dollar over-run... more
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