2014 Ottawa Municipal Elections - Letters


2014 Ottawa Municipal Election

(Ottawa, September 24, 2014) Today, Catherine Fortin LeFaivre, candidate for council in Rideau-Vanier, announced that she would fight Trinity Group's request... more
Tomorrow (September 23, 2014) the City of Ottawa`s planning committee will be dealing with an agenda item - the extension of the South Nepean Sewer Collector,... more
No matter how much spin Kent Kirkpatrick has placed in his new library proposal and business plan, coupled with the Mayor and City Councillors inability to... more
Change is in the air - and on the lawns of West Carleton-March. If one were to travel the 832 kms of roads in Ward 5 - West Carleton-March, one would see... more
Residents and Businesses in Ottawa have a hydro problem; the cost of electricity in Ontario has doubled since 2002 and is going up another 42% over the next 5... more
Election season has begun in the City of Ottawa and Ecology Ottawa is organizing a mayoral all-candidates debate on the environment Wednesday September 24th at... more
At 2:00pm last Friday, nominations for the 2014 municipal elections closed and like a casting call for a blockbuster movie, a ton of Ottawa residents are vying... more
Nine out of ten Ottawa City Council candidates say they will prioritize investing in pedestrian, cycling and affordable public transit infrastructure in the... more
OTTAWA (September 15, 2014) – Downtown Ottawa residents will ask aspiring city councillors how they will prevent tragedies such as those of a 26-year old woman... more
September 14, 2014 Dear <candidate name>, Founded in 1997, the Greenspace Alliance works to preserve and enhance green spaces in the National Capital... more