2014 Ottawa Municipal Elections - Letters


2014 Ottawa Municipal Election

After the recent Ontario provincial election, we saw an unprecedented number of unregistered organization post their election meesages denouncing Hudak's... more
First, I want to congratulate the Ottawa Food Policy Council, Just Food, the Ottawa Poverty Reduction Network, and the Coalition of Community Health Centres... more
Where do I stand on…? -LRT-needed more work before approval-stations without bathrooms? -Casino-I agree Rideau Carleton is the best location -Weekly garbage... more
The Ottawa Citizen has published a ward-by-ward questionnaire and answer for all candidates in this year's municipal election. Every candidate received the... more
Dear Voters: As the Zone 7, School Trustee, I will actively promote an environment that is inclusive to all children. I am a strong advocator for children with... more
Dear Jim, One great aspect about this first municipal election campaign for me running in College Ward is the opportunity to discuss the many great ideas and... more
Dear Minister Chiarelli, I was once told that while you were Mayor you had an understanding with the Premier of Ontario that the City of Ottawa Act would be... more
In Project Management there are knowns and unknowns. In the Risk Management of a project the known risks and unknown risks are considered into the mitigation... more
I have been fortunate that in Provincial elections I have a part of; the campaigning has been respectful while working to get our platforms and ‘attacks’ out... more
I went to a restaurant recently and ordered their callaloo soup. It's a soup made from a Spinach like leaf and is popular in the Caribbean.  Anyway, I ordered... more