2014 Ottawa Municipal Elections - Letters


2014 Ottawa Municipal Election

Ottawa and its citizens are increasingly vulnerable to rising energy costs and the impacts of climate change. We don’t have to be. With a strong commitment to... more
Riley Brockington is running for Ottawa City Council in River Ward (Ward 16). Brockington is the former school board trustee that included this ward from 2003... more
To the Editor: Re: Communication confusion at The Councillors Office Five years ago, we bought a country home in Kinburn. Along with our gardens and grape... more
As of tomorrow we're just two days away from the final early voting opportunity and Martin is the candidate with all the momentum. Last week we announced that... more
Hello supporters, Pat O’Brien here. I’m Jeff’s Campaign Chair, and he asked me to send you the following message: “Please don’t donate any more money to my... more
I recently made some time to meet several local candidates for city councillor in Ward 16 (River) at the Hunt Club-Riverside Park Community Centre. With ten... more
OTTAWA (October 14th, 2014) – Tree Ottawa, an ambitious plan to plant one million trees in Ottawa as a gift to Canada for its 150th anniversary, will be... more
2010 Election Finances Study reveals developers and other corporations who do business with Ottawa City Hall directed targeted campaign funds through... more
There are 24 City of Ottawa municipal government races currently underway.  Some are real dog fights and others are just cake walks. By cake walk I mean, they... more
Finally, a Political Slate! Jim Watson says he does not believe in a slate of candidates.  It’s a good thing others do – it’s made for some interesting... more